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How does Osito work?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What can Osito help with?

Planning offsites is hard. Osito can help save 100+ hours by helping you find your perfect offsite destination. We'll review thousands of hotels on your behalf and send you full proposals from venues that will match your unique offsite needs.

Is there a minimum group size?

Osito can only be used to plan events with 10 or more attendees. We are working hard on supporting groups smaller than 10 in the near future.

Do you help with personal travel or just corporate offsites?

We can help with all group travel, whether it’s a corporate retreat or personal travel such as family reunions and weddings.

Can I plan something outside of the US?

We can help with trips all over the world, no matter where you are located or where you want to go.

What do I need to know before using Osito?

To get started, Osito will need the locations of your attendees and the dates you would like to have your offsite. While it’s not required, we suggest having specific dates in mind and trying to plan your offsite 2–3 months in advance.

If Osito is free to use, then how do you make money?

Currently Osito is free to use. Our partners may pay us a commission. Unlike other services, we do not add any additional service fees on other services like food or meeting rooms to our customers.

Hotels commonly pay travel agents commission to send customers to their hotel. Most full service travel agents will steer you toward high commission preferred hotels and pocket the difference. Many will also charge additional fees or markups. Instead, Osito matches you with the best match for you, regardless of commission. Our AI tech allows us to operate more efficiently so we share the commission back to you in the form of Osito Rewards

Does Osito work with my company's internal travel and expense tools?

Osito is not an online booking tool—it’s an AI travel planner that works with the tools and systems you already use. After you get proposals with Osito, you’ll be able to review a contract from your hotel of choice and book directly using whatever system your organization prefers such as Egencia, Navan, American Express Travel, Ramp, Brex, TravelPerk, SAP Concur, TravelBank and more.

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