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The AI travel planner that finds the perfect hotel for your
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company retreat
  • Save weeks of tedious phone calls, email attachments, and spreadsheets
  • Get special group rates at over 600,000 hotels
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    I'm so impressed with Osito!! It has saved me countless hours of work. I saved more than 2 weeks of searching for hotels, formatting internal proposals & back and forth with sales managers by using Osito.


    Office Manager

    33 person event, Montreal, June 2023

    How it Works

    Find cities that fit your vibe and your budget

    Looking for a ski getaway? Beach vibes? Fine dining? Osito will rank dozens of possible destinations based on flight costs from multiple origin cities, hotel costs, weather, and more.

    Fetch hotel proposals and compare

    Pick a few cities you're interested in, and put Osito to work. After a few days, you'll receive availability and price quotes from multiple hotels. When you find the perfect hotel for your event, we'll connect you directly to the hotel staff to finalize contract terms and details.

    Anyone can use Osito for free

    Osito is not an online booking tool—it’s an AI travel planner that works with the tools and systems you already use. After you get proposals with Osito, you’ll be able to review a contract from your hotel of choice and book directly using whatever system your organization prefers:

    Earn free nights to use at any hotel in the world (yes, really!)

    Have a weekend away, a staycation with the family or just find a new city. The Osito reward nights are on us when you book enough qualifying travel.

    Use Osito for your…

    Team Offsite

    Family Reunion

    Sports Team Travel


    Why use Osito?


    Osito does all the legwork for you. We'll handle the back and forth with multiple hotels, to get you to the perfect match faster.

    Unlimited Selection

    Unlike full-service travel agents who may steer you towards their preferred vendors to earn commissions, Osito works equally with every hotel in the world to find the best options for you.

    Best Value

    Osito is always free to use. Plus, we never mark up the prices on hotels.


    When you book with Osito, you’ll be rewarded with free nights for personal travel. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing us to help you plan your group travel. Click here to learn more about Osito Rewards

    Plays Well with Others

    Even if your company uses another travel booking tool like Navan, Egencia, or Brex, you can still use Osito. When you use Osito, you always book directly with the hotel.

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    (travel agents, offsite planning tools, etc)
    Always free, with complete transparency into where your budget is going
    Opaque pricing with hidden markups and fees
    Unlimited hotel selection
    Steer you toward high commission preferred hotels
    Get rewards you can spend on personal travel at any hotel
    No rewards

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